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The Day I Almost Destroyed the Boston Symphony and Other Stories by John Sant'Ambrogio (2010)

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A who's who of the music world, the author tells of his life and career, which includes five decades playing with the Boston Symphony, the Saint Louis Symphony and time spent with the likes of Yo Yo Ma, Pablo Casals, Leonard Slatkin, Itzhak Perlman, Erich Leinsdorf, David Robertson, and more.


Natacha Pelaez Wagner, Amazon Customer

What an entertaining read! A light and pleasant behind-the-scenes look at the world of classical musicians, through the eyes of one cellist's career and life. A series of fun vignettes, and an easy way to pass the time. I met Mr. Sant'Ambrogio at an airport boarding a flight and he gave me his card promoting his book after a brief exchange re: his carrying a cello on board the plane and my telling him I am a season subscriber to my local symphony. At my first symphony concert last night after reading his book I found myself looking at the conductor, the concert master, the bass and percussion sections, etc. in a whole different way!

Cecile, Amazon Customer

i highly recommend this book ! i feel like i am "inside " the world of john- some funny stories. others are very heart warming, inspirational. gives me an idea of struggles, hardships of musicians but their love of music makes
them soar !!
has john written a cello learning instruction book ?

Deborah W. Seigman, Amazon Customer

This anecdotal and light-hearted book was a quick and pleasant read that all ensemble musicians will appreciate. When I was done, I sent it to our granddaughter, also a cellist in a college orchestra.

C. Mirabella, Amazon Customer

I have never laughed out loud at a book so many times as I did with this one! Being an orchestral musician myself, I related to and immensely enjoyed his descriptions of situations familiar to me. Everyone will love this thoroughly entertaining book!

Ralph Harris, Amazon Customer

A written history of one man's life in music playing for several Symphonies, and the humor and fun.

Glenn L, Amazon Customer

As a retired symphony player, this really took me back. A fun read, with lots of insights into the life of a symphony orchestra musician.

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